Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What's a Weir??

I just had to share this one with you! This is a cropped view of a picture I snapped out my studio window .. though I will no doubt go to hell for having taken it. I've never actually asked permission to take their photograph (though there have been many occasions when a shot begged to be taken), but as I understand it it's verboten. But there they were .. right in our "front yard." Couldn't resist. Took it through the window screen.

That's Cara on the right .. she thought they were in her yard, too, as it was her barking about it that brought me to the window.

Apparently it has always been the case that the fishing is pretty darn good on "Eel Weir" (pronounced "wire" locally), and the Amish can be opportunists when the situation allows. We've seen a Great Blue Heron out there catching fish, too ... and as anyone with a pond knows, Herons KNOW where the fish are!

For an interesting rendition of the job an eel weir performs, check out this site. And this is OUR particular Eel Weir .. my husband tells me (he's the historian here) eels caught at this sight used to go to upscale restaurants in NYC. In another time, long ago and far away.

OK .. beads beckon! : )


Wizened Wizard said...

I guess I didn't comment on this when I saw it earlier... Great photo!

I usually respect the Amish aversion to being photographed, but once last summer when Bob's mother was visiting, we went to a picnic and an Amish mother put her 6-month-old daughter on Bob's mother's lap. I let my camera hang down at my side (innocent-looking) and quietly clicked several shots from a little distance so the mother couldn't hear the shutter. Several missed the target, but one is wonderful: 87-year-old ggrandmother with this beautiful bonneted child.

Sometimes I wish I were less respectful, because they do make for interesting pictures.

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