Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fit for a Goddess

Despite the fact that I spent a LOT of time trying to get this one right (including special ordering that suede display device because the necklace just wouldn't photograph well against black), I must begin this post by telling you that more so than many of the photos I've taken recently, this one truly does not do this piece justice. It's warm, sparkly, elegant and delicate, all rolled into one (if you're reading this on the blog, click the pic for a closer look)! OK, that done, here's how it came to be.

The necklace is part of an order for a friend of my husband's in Albany - her son is getting married in October and she wanted two three-piece sets; one for the rehearsal dinner, one for the wedding. We actually got together back in May when I was in Albany for a show and she brought along the dress she'll be wearing for the wedding, which this necklace is meant to match. She'd emailed me with a general description of the colors included in both dresses, so I brought along a gallon-sized zip lock bag full of possible gem and pearl matches. The mauve pearls and the faceted smoky quartz beads were the two we matched to her wedding outfit. I filled in the spaces with other beads that I'd been tossing into a small basket when I came across them (and the little lightbulb came on for a good match). I've already got one set of earrings done and have an idea for another design I may try today (it's good to have choices!). My brain's been stewin' over the bracelet .. I could just do more of the same; but I'm inclined to make it match with a slightly different design. We'll see .. often times if I move on to something else, the right idea will fall into place simply because I've relaxed my brain about it. And there's still the second three-piece set to begin. This one in sterling. I'll keep ya posted (get it, POSTed?!?).

Anyway, this one's called Athena ... Greek goddess of wisdom, the arts, industry, justice and skill. Geeeez .... I hope she likes it!

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