Monday, October 8, 2007

An "Oooops" is saved

I had to come up with a piece for the St. Lawrence NYSARC Art Benefit recently and, as the deadline was fast approaching, decided on pearls. I've still got several strands of these "marine teak" pearls, and they're perfect for this time of year; I just needed to knot a strand and pop a clasp on it. As it happened, I had this little piece of 16 gauge squiggle left over from a fibula pin I had inadvertently destroyed with a misplaced snip (see "The Same .. Yet Different" post), and it was the perfect size for the pearls. After finishing the necklace, I thought I might throw in some earrings to go with it and found myself struggling over making a pair spare and simple or a bit more funky. So I did both. The simple pair is just a pearl on gold-filled leverbacks; the funky ones echo the clasp. I liked THEM so much, I may have to pound out a few more!! One thing often does lead to another ...

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Wizened Wizard said...

Hey there, oh Oooops-saver! Hope you got my email after the class. (One sent to Barbara about the same time bounced back a week later...)

This coming weekend is the Cheel show, right? I'm going to try to be there early on Saturday, unless it starts tomorrow.

I'm working on some goofy postcards for Cassandra and will email you a sample.

As always, you're doing magnificent things.