Friday, June 12, 2009

Something Blue

I put this bracelet together back in May .. it's been a little nuts on the home front since then. But I didn't want to miss posting it.

I had originally wanted to include two or three 10mm sterling round beads in this piece .. all I had on hand were 8mm though, and they just didn't look right. The balance was wrong. Being the impatient creator than I am, however, I just pushed on anyway with the whole "blue" theme. I call it Blue Bayou. Next time I place a silver order, I'll get some 10mm silver beads and do a similar design. I guarantee the silver beads will give it an entirely different look. It's a bit .. busy .. in its current manifestation, but it works.

That large black and pale blue item is a fabulous lampwork bead (one of a small collection from the same glass bead maker) .. I love it and had been wanting to do something with it for some time. It was easy enough to find several corresponding beads to add .. several of them (three to be exact) came from one of those ancient trade bead strands I've been hoarding: the teal bead in the foreground (to the left of the logo tag), the little black bead with dots to the right of the large lampwork, and the darker blue bead to the right of the clasp. (Hard to believe, but all three came from the same strand .. a really gorgeous mix of all kinds of trade beads. I'm a sucker for those - you get so much more to work with that way). There's another small lampwork bead - next to the pale blue resin bead - several ceramic discs and a whole lotta twisted wire (my favorite thing to do with wire!).

This is a hefty and substantial bracelet .. made for a woman who knows herself well, and is comfortable with what she knows. A strong woman .. with a strong wrist! ; )

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