Monday, January 15, 2007

The Shop

When I began thinking about how I wanted the layout for my studio to look, I was thinking of taking up the entire space for work-related endeavors. And then when it seemed like I'd have more than enough space for all my "stuff", I decided it might be nice to include a small retail area in the front. Before moving into this house (and using a basement space for all my jewelry making), when anyone wanted to stop over to look at what I had available, I used to have to clear off our diningroom table, set up all my inventory as I would for a show, wait for my customer to show up, then clear everything off again when they left. You only have to do this a few times before it gets old. The amount of space I set aside for retail space turned out to be perfect! And after I found a used glass display case, it really came together. The three pics included here were taken the weekend of the St. Lawrence Co. Arts Council Open House .. I had mulled cider, banana oat nut muffins, cookies, etc. The table with all the food on it was for the Open House only; that space now has a wooden easel with a black linen covered cork board setting on it (I've been collecting jewelry colors and trends which I expect to start tacking up when I have a layout I like). The wall unit was initially going to be for tucking away display devices, logo boxes, bags and things I'd need handy for shows. Being right next to the door, it'd be easy to back up the car to the shop door and just load up. But they turned out to be such an excellent display set-up that I use it that way now when I'm not doing shows .. and have found other places to stash all my show stuff.

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Lisa said...

Hi There -- what beautiful jewelry! I too design jewelry and I am just getting my feet wet... I started Beadazzling Designs out of my home in Ballston Spa and I'm running with it! I love the finished look of your bracelets near the crimp -- what do you use to crimp them? My 'blog' is -- I'd love to hear from you! Take good care! Lisa