Saturday, February 10, 2007

Beaded Band

I always get comments when I wear one of these, and I would love to be able to make a bunch of them. However, it's been difficult finding the components without going to wholesale bead shows and picking them out by hand. For some weary reason, most vendors have their own idea about the actual size of a millimeter .. or maybe the problem is more about measuring the bead. But ordering online from a picture has almost always been a disappointing adventure. The problem is compounded by the fact that these beads are hand made, the Bali portion anyway, not so much the seamless round beads in the center. So you may find something close the next time you go looking, but it's rare to find the exact same bead .. even from the same vendor!

While a bit awkward to put together and complete, it's an awesome piece. It has a wonder heft to it. I always do well with mix-metal pieces, too, because then the wearer (who might not otherwise) has *permission* to layer both sterling and gold pieces together. The sterling box clasp I use has a little safety catch on the side and is very well made. (By the way, this clasp has doubled in price since I last purchased them in 2004! Silver closed at $13.83 on Friday .. it was about $4/ounce when I began this venture as a business in 2002).

I haven't yet counted beads, but now that I've completed this one, I'll see if I've got enough left to make one more. If not, maybe I can get back to a wholesale beadshow this spring or summer and stock up on the components used in this elegant item .. one can only hope!

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