Monday, April 2, 2007

This is a fibula!

Well, it's one kind of fibula .. definitely not the anatomical variety. A fibula, if you didn't see the longer definition at the end of my previous post, is a clasp or brooch, often ornamented, used by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

This is another project I've been aching to get at .. if I had three or four pair of hands, it mighta happened a bit sooner. I like this one so much, I might make a few more, just to have on hand. I know if I wear this one, I'll get inquiries - it's really quite impressive when it's sittin' in front of you. The leaf is from the Karen Hill Tribe .. it's fine silver, not sterling. It's about four inches long and about an inch wide at its widest point. I worked on the business end of the pin with a file and 0000 steel wool long enough to keep it from snagging on even a fine knit sweater; though it's actually meant for a bulky knit or as a shawl pin. I've got some incredible conch shells I intend to try with a slightly different design. Oh, and my sterling bullet ends arrived .. so there will definitely be a sterling Viking weave piece this week! Stay tuned!! : )

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Wizened Wizard said...

That is really elegant.

When I visit your site I am continually reminded of how little I know about metals and jewels (and that this is a sorry gap in my learning)! Your work photographs well, but I am eager to see some things "up close and personal" to become acquainted with the fine and unique differences in materials.

Beautiful, Karan!