Friday, March 16, 2007

Pearl knotting for the masses

The adult education coordinator at The Remington Museum approached me last fall about teaching a class this spring. As I don't have a whole lotta tools to share, at least not for a class of more than three or four, I thought something that wouldn't require a whole lotta tools might be the answer. Pearl knotting seemed like the right choice. I wrote the class synopsis after thinking back on the tradeshows I did in 2006 - it really did seem to me that pearls have been experiencing a renaissance. They're always classic - like a well-made A-line skirt or a fine knit sweater - but I think I sold more pearls in the past year than in any prior year. And I was so surprised the first few times a 12 or 13 year old girl pawed through my pearl dish, or asked her mother to buy her a pair of my pearl earrings. Even more surprised when it continued to happen.

I bought some beautiful strands for the class .. a soft, pale cream/peach/mauve combo. Very Springy! I even purchased some little 3 x 4 embroidered pouches for the students' finished pieces. If you've got nuthin' to do on Saturday, May 12, give the Museum a call and join me! Their website link is available below on the right ..

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Wizened Wizard said...

I just called the museum and "signed up" for your class. 'Looking forward to meeting you and trying my poor old hands at stringing and knotting!