Monday, March 5, 2007

Spiral, Captured

Well, came down to the studio this morning, sat down with my nifty little spiral bracelet, quickly found the incorrect links (removed them), and - with a little more attention to detail - captured the end appropriately this time! Now it's a nice even spiral all around. It didn't help that Cara was thwapping me for a walk Friday afternoon when I was trying to end the thing .. she can be very insistent. And her internal clock is pretty darned concise!

Here's another try at the photography thing .. I refuse to scan it. I'll get this thing down sooner or later (just discovered this setting called "white balance" that seems to have made a bit of difference). At least I don't have to wait for my prints to come back any more .. ain't technology grand!
Oh, and while I was messin' with the camera anyway, I tried again with the Flower Weave earrings, too. At least you can now see that they're sterling! : )

OK .. now that I've got the Spiral weave down, I think the next few days is for making several additional sizes. Don't think I'm ready to give mine up just yet : )

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