Sunday, February 25, 2007

A couple PMC pieces ..

These are two of the items I posted earlier as unfinished clay pieces .. the leaf was molded from an actual leaf I picked in the three-acre field where we allow the dog to run free (and hopefully "run down"). When I first oxidized it, it showed the most spectacular rainbow of colors .. I'm lead to believe that this is due to the minerals in our tap water. I made the mistake of trying to shine it up a bit, and the rainbow went away. That's the way of rainbows, I guess.

The earrings are three-way .. the fine silver centerpiece has a hole through the center. That 4mm ball with the aqua briolette hanging from it is actually a separate post earring that fits through the center hole. You can wear the fine silver piece as is, without the post, or wear the post solo. They're suspended from a handmade French wire.

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