Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gallery Display Case

Well, it looks a whole lot better on my laptop monitor, but you get the idea. I cleaned and tagged it all last night and hope to add a couple of those Precious Metal Clay pieces .. if I can get them cleaned up and finished today.

The case is an inexpensive pine box; and I was afraid it LOOKED cheap. But the addition of the linen covered carpet remnant on which everything sets helped a great deal. Though when I glued the remaining linen fabric onto floral foam segments, it made it all look so much more three dimensional.

I have some small pine cones and some dried flower segments I thought I might add in here and there. Or maybe not. We'll see how it goes and what the rest of our area looks like before I go crazy with additional extras. It may be fine just the way it is (sometimes less really is more).

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