Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Shops at 25 West

I seem to be on a roll today .. no sooner finished the last post and an email arrived asking about this gallery in Little Falls. It's actually called The Shops at 25 West, and it's all housed in an 1855 Stone Mill building on the edge of the Mohawk River. The entire first floor is occupied by antique dealers; the second floor contains about 30 spaces for individual shops. The pic above is what our space looks like at the moment. This was taken last fall when four of us took a trip down to see what the place looked like. We were courted by the owner, Linda Vincent (standing by the window), last summer when she saw our website. Her goal is to fill the spaces on the second floor with high quality, hand crafted artisan crafts (of which we all provide fine examples, thank you). I'm behind the camera here, but the other three who went down that day are on the right (excluding the woman in the pink outfit), Lisa Nortz (silversmith), Lis Barsuglia-Madsen (weaver) and Marcia Waligory (Adirondack pack baskets).

The display devices currently residing in the space are available for our use .. we may or may not need them. When we head down on the 21st, we'll have a van and pick-up truck to carry all our own display devices and inventory. I don't know if we'll be able to complete set up on the 21st, but if it looks halfway decent, I'll take another pic for ya .. at the very least, I'll take a shot of MY little table top display! I joke, but I feel very fortunate to be one among such a talented group. Each and every one is a stickler for perfection. A group after my own heart.

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