Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sparkle on

I finally sat down and pounded out nine new versions of Sparkle .. from top to bottom: Dark gray pearls with Cantaloupe color-changing crystals (depending upon the light source, they'll change from peach to melon green to a soft gray lavender; Tahitian pearl with Satin Aqua crystals; Bronze pearl with peach crystals; Green pearls with Satin Jonquil crystals; and Dark brown pearls witih Lt. Colorado Topaz crystals.

I and several of my Artisan Guild friends (see links) are renting space at a gallery in Little Falls (25 West), and several of these bracelets are heading down on Wednesday the 21st, along with a fair selection of other pieces.

We're tenants officially on March first, but we have a lot of work to do in setting up our area. Since we're the Adirondack Artisans Guild, we were planning on suspending a branch or two from the ceiling .. and I imagine there will be a few pine cones scattered about. I know I found a few over in the area where we let the dog romp that are the perfect size for the 2' square table top display case I'll be using there (as the case is only three inches high, I had to find really small examples). One of our group used to own a gallery and will be our guiding force with regard to the space's overall look. With so many "cooks in the pot", she's got her work cut out for her!

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